Avatar character – The idea

Hi everyone, I wrote this post as a beginning of a large and interesting course of computer games development in Glyndwr University. This is the first post about 3D modeling and I’ve got two goals for this semester, at least design and model two characters, an avatar of a game and a final boss, analyzing their movements and gestures and trying to put in an animation.

First of all, I decided to start with the avatar design which is easier than the boss. The idea is get the inspiration in one or more videogames characters and then draw the views which will be translated to Maya.

After some research I have two characters in my mind, both women, the first one is Faith, main character of Mirror’s Edge, a first person action and platform game, I like her style of movements like a girl doing parkour, she wears sport clothes, I’m interested in the gloves and her tattoos too as we can see in the slideshow at the end of the post.

Next character is Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII, one of the best game ever, I’d like to provide my avatar with long hair and arms sleeves and maybe her feminine style of walking.

Faith is more detailed model than Tifa, she has 20k polygons more or less in the cinematics, and her textures looks simple because are coloured clothes except for the creases, I need to investigate how to simulate that using textures, Tifa is an old model character from 1997, she has less polygons and worse textures but with interesting leather clothes so I will need nice clothes textures.

I would like to design and create a model who be a mixture of both characters, a woman, athletic, with tattoos, long hair and sport clothes with the skill of jump every obstacle in her way or climb it but with a feminine side.

Here I post some pictures of both characters which I am going to use to start drawing the designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next, about the surroundings I think it could be some building work cones and a fence which she can jump, the character can interacts with that objects, she could jump the fence, kick the cones…simple animations.


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