NURBS modelling – Character

This post is about NURBS modelling and how to create a simple character model.

First, I put two planes with both images of the character, one image for frontal design and the other one for side design.

After alignment I started to create the head, I selected the NURBS sphere and changed to Control Vertex in order to adjust the shape to the image of the character. I adjusted the head by using this tool and Scale Tool too.

Next, I modelled the neck, for that purpose I created three NURB Circles with different radius, I selected them and use Loft tool into Surface menu to create the surface of the neck as we see in the picture. I placed the neck in the right position down the head and scaled it too.

Now I decided to delete the History of the NURB object to prevent problems when I scale or move something in the 3d model because the NURB circle could be affected. I selected the object and clicked in Edit Menu > Delete by Type > History, right now I can move the neck and do whatever I want with the shape and I will have no problems. After finished head neck I put both in a layer called head.

Secondly, I started with the body, to model the body I used a sphere and same tools as head, Scale Tool, Control Vertex and a lot of patience to fit body to picture.

I did the same to model t-shirt sleeves, trousers, pocket and shoes; I did it with a NURB sphere and fitting the shape to the picture, then I created the corresponding layers for each part of the shape.

Following, arms modelling, I decided to create a circle; I put on it a Bezier Curve as we see in picture and clicked into Extrude after select the circle and the line, Maya finished to create the arm shape.

I continued modelling the character hands, it has been the most difficult part because I couldn’t fit the shape to the picture by using the spheres, it was a nightmare, so I spent a lot of time and the results are not as realistic as I desire.

After all, I finished the model and put on it some textures downloaded from the internet to give it a nice look.

Here you can download the Maya project: Character


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