Avatar character – Drawings

After some weeks of hard work I could start designing my avatar, before model any 3D mesh I started painting my avatar and creating front and side views in order to insert on Maya. I don’t have much idea of drawing a character so I started looking for some concept arts of human body, how to sketch arms, face, legs and some little study about human proportions.

Many sketches and hours later I achieved a modest drawing of my avatar, here are the results ^_^ I think she is close enough to my idea and I hope to be useful.


First, I applied some filters on Photoshop to clean the image and to delete the majority of the noise caused by the camera, I adjusted brightness and contrast. Next, I inserted the image on Illustrator and with object selected I used the Image Trace tool to convert picture like a sharp picture drawn by the computer. I follow same steps for side view picture.


Both images are now ready to insert on Maya. I put it on Maya’s grid a few NURBS plane; I applied the corresponding surfaces by selecting the previous edited images and taking special care of proportions.


Well, right now it is time to start modelling the avatar mesh.


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