Avatar character – Texturing

Hi everyone, I come back to show how I texturized the whole body and environment, the entire of the scene. As we could see in past posts like Texturing – UV unfolding and Texturing – Normal mapping I’m going to use both techniques to apply the textures on my avatar.

First of all I separated in different layers every single part of the body in order to unfold correctly.

I started with the body, as we can see in next picture I cut through sides to unfold the front and back in two complete pieces, I used the UV mapping tools. The next step was use Photoshop and the desire textures; I draw a blue t-shirt and skin for the girl. Then, I put some details on it such a belly button and some shadows. We can see the results in next pictures, I apply a surface texture and added the PSD of the body.


After that I followed with the feet. It was a difficult part for unfold and I noticed in that phase that I have a bad geometry and topology in feet, it will be necessary to add more edges to model with better realistic symmetry a pair of foots. After all, I create a UV map using the Automatic unfold tool, it created me all the faces ready for texture.


The following is the same steps but with the remaining parts, arms, head and pants. I used a tattoo texture like Mirror’s Edge in the UV map of the right arm and that is the result.


Upon completion, the next stage is to give textures a real depth effect that simulates real textures, I realized that using normal maps. For normal maps creation I depended on Crazybump software which allows you to select a PSD texture and modify some parameters obtaining a customized normal map. We can see an example of the feet normal map in next picture and the difference between one foot with and another without that texture.


Next, I used normal maps on pants trying to simulate wrinkles in the clothes; next pictures show my first experiments with normal maps. This technique seems to be too powerful but I will need more time to use correctly.


Once I complete to texture, I follow with the environment. In this phase I noticed that is more important the textures on objects rather than on characters because all objects have simple polygons but we can obtain a realistic appearance with good textures and the correct use of normal maps.

By using Photoshop I added a road texture to the plane and put on it a sewer. I texturize the cones and a simple orange fence. Here are the pictures.


Here you can download the Maya project: Avatar


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